Terms and Conditions


1. Do not overfill your boxes. Bulging and bulky boxes will remain on Standby. Boxes on Standby are

segregated from all other boxes and are packed into the container last. These boxes may miss the

intended shipment if they do not fit into a standard row in the container. Braga Freight Services

reserves the right to place your box on Standby if it does not fit the criteria. (see image below).


2. Shipping illegal and/or dangerous goods such as drugs, alcohol, weapons or flammable material

is against the law and strictly prohibited. Offenders will be faced with heavy fines and possible

imprisonment. Braga Freight Services will not be held accountable.


3. You are permitted to send technical and electrical items such as phones, computers, kitchen

appliances etc. If these items are found upon inspection in Macedonia, the receiver of the box may

be expected to pay customs duties. These charges are separate to those of Braga Freight Services

and are subject to change without notice by Macedonia Customs. Braga Freight Services is not liable

for these charges.


4. Upon arrival of freight into Macedonia, all boxes are opened for inspection by Macedonian

customs officials before distribution is permitted. This is as per Government legislation and Braga

Freight Services holds no authority.


5. Shipments are expected to arrive and be distributed in Macedonia approximately three months

following departure. Any further delays are due to the strict customs laws and processes in



6. To ensure your box leaves Australia on the intended date, please deliver your full box in advance

and well before the last scheduled receiving day. Braga Freight Services reserves all rights to delay a

shipment if the need arises. Delays will not be more than 3 weeks.


7. In order to avoid customs charges in Macedonia it is recommended that there are only 2 boxes

sent per receiver. There is no limit on the amount of boxes you can send to one household.


8. Charges paid to Braga Freight Services for the shipping of any bulk items cover all costs from

Australia to Macedonia. Once these items have arrived into Macedonia, a clearance fee will have to

be paid by the receiver of the items to Macedonia Customs.