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Welcome to Braga Freight & IMT Services

Welcome to Braga Freight & IMT Services. We have established a reputation as a quality, service orientated and results driven freight and tele-transfers company. Braga Freight & IMT Services is widely known for our competitive and uncompromising style when it comes to getting the job done; and done properly.

We assure our clients that we can deliver results that will exceed expectations.



BRAGA Tele - Transfers

  • - Transfers- The best value money transfer service.

  • - No Conversion Fee. No Hidden Costs.

  • - Your money is transferred quickly, safely and directly to the person you nominate. All money delivered in Australian dollars, Macedonian Denars, or any currency you choose. In operation since 1998

BRAGA Freight

The original goods delivery service to Macedonia, we have representative/collection centres throughout Australia to make it very convenient for you. Braga Freight has been in operation since 1993.

Go with the team that offers professionalism, quality service and peace of mind.